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A look inside

The atmosphere in which your puppy is born and raised is as important to us as it is to you. I have had several people ask me to see our facility to ensure our puppies were raised with respect in a healthy environment. Here is our facility, to be honest we spend more time in here then we do in our house lol! It has heated floors on both the lower level and on the upper nursery. The upper nursery is where the mothers go a couple days before their due date and whelp, they stay there with there puppies for approximately 3 weeks. We let them out every couple of hours for a potty break if they would like to go but honestly they only choose to go if they absolutely have to , they love being up there and being a mommy! When our dogs are in the lower suites they have access to a doggie door and a 5x10 foot outdoor run. Our puppies learn to use the doggie door at about 6.5 weeks and nearly always go potty outside at that point.

We do have security cameras and can see throughout the building, outside, and down the drive way. This allows us to keep an eye on the expecting mothers, breedings, visitors, and have police security if we would ever have an intruder.

Our dogs all spend a lot of time playing in the yard with our family as well, they bring us so much joy!

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