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Puppy forever-home stories

When a new family updates me about how my puppies are doing or where life has taken them, it allows me to see the big picture of how the hard work and positive energy we put into their precious beginnings helps generate love in so many lives.

I wanted to share a few of the messages I have received with you..They mean so much to me

Hello Melissa, 


I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how well our puppy is doing! We bought “Luna” from you last summer. She was born in April. 


I work in the hospital in Mount Ayr.  The hospital asked if I would consider training Winkey (her new name) to be a therapy dog.  She has an amazing personality and gentle nature.  She has not gone through her training yet, but has been going to work with me for the last three months.  She loves to go to work and has made a big impact on the hospital.  The staff adore her and she is great with patients.  As an ER doctor, I have found that she has made it so we need less pain medicine and less need to hold kids when we put in IVs or put in stitches.  She has a natural recognition of fear and anxiety. When someone is sad or scared, Winkey snuggles in and gets kids to look at her rather than the thing scaring them. 


I thought you might like to know where she ended up and what a big difference she is making.  If you have another docile puppy from this parent pair in the next year or two, we may be interested.  The hospital would like another 4-legged employee to cover Winkey’s day’s off.  Winkey has stolen their hearts. ️ She is a big part of our family, as well. We certainly would not mind bringing home a sister at some point. 


Take care,


- Angie


Luna aka Misha has been making herself at home in Florida. She has met her vet, had playdates with a black lab Ruby, and a mutt name Morty. She has met the 7 dogs next door and 30 pound AussieDoodle who lives around the corner. She has two beds (one in the kitchen and one in the living room). She’s such a sweetie. She follows me wherever I go so she had to learn how to go up and down the short stairs at her new home. She started Puppy Training class and I think she was the best behaved. She going to travel to NYC in April to visit my daughters and grandchildren. I just love her.
Thank you

Here she is @ her 1st vet appointment.


We are having so much fun with him! He loves the snow and the cold. He loves cross country skiing with me in the forest preserves. He does a great job off leash!


Just wanted to thank you so much for the Corgi and let you know how happy we are with how well and smoothly everything worked out with the process... we will definitely recommend you and give good word. Keep up the good work and many blessings on your family and pups!
Here is a picture of Kona(Joe),Luna(Black GSD) and myself... :) he’s adapted quite well and attached to my gf very much. :)


Hi Melissa,


How are you? Owen is growing well, and he is getting bigger and more energetic! We had a wonderful road trip with him to New Orleans. Here are some photos for you. The mini Aussie in the picture is his new best friend! 

image0 (1).jpeg
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