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The Parents that we retire have been very loved and we want the best forever home for them!!

We believe that our retiring parents are healthy..however there is no health guarantee that goes with them. Please choose wisley and make the best decision for your famliy. We would love for you to visit them!!
When introducing a new dog, especially an adult dog to your life remember to be strict and consistent with your training and while introducing to other pets. We are a biosecure facility for the sake of our young puppies who are not fully vaccinated. For this reason you can't return a dog if it doesn't work out. I just pray you find them a wonderful home that suites them better if the situation arises. 

Colonel Cooper-5 years old-AKC-Male Old English Sheepdog

He is a sweet guy, Has always gotten along with everyone, on the calm side, loves attention. approx. 85lbs

Colonel cooper1.JPG

Captain Hendrix-2 years old
Male Old English Sheepdog

He's a fun guy, gets along with everyone, has 2 blue eyes! approximately 85lbs

Captain Hendrix.JPG

Cecil-3 years old-
Female Old English Sheepdog-

Extremely sweet girl, gets along with everyone, approximately 65lbs


Quincy-Moyen Poodle-4 years old

Awesome girl, loves to play and explore, gets along with everyone, approximately 65lbs


Gibson-Female Newfoundland
4 years old

She is so loved!! She is a wonderful guard dog when someone new comes..she wants you to know!! She's very chill, excellent companion. 120lbs

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