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Here is what you will find when you get our contract. Once you have placed a deposit or arrive to pick your puppy up you will be asked to sign  via docusign or be given a paper copy.

Back Road Soul Puppies
DJ &andMelissa Cobler

Phone#_____________________             email_____________________________

Ownership of the following puppy was transferred to the above owner,
on the ____ day of
____, 20______. The dog was transferred without any outstanding fees due, or any type of
lien or encumbrances.
Description of dog:

Sex_____ Date of Birth_______Color_______________
1 year Health Guarantee: Purchaser shall, within 3 business days of transfer of ownership of the above described
dog, have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian to validate this guarantee. If the veterinarian finds anything
seriously wrong with the dog, it will be exchanged for another dog, of equal value, of the purchaser’s choice, at
once or when another dog becomes available. Purchaser must provide a letter from the examining veterinarian
attesting to the problem with the dog, and its resulting unfitness for sale. We reserve the right to refuse exchange
or refund if the diagnosis is not confirmed by another veterinarian of our choice.
We do not guarantee against respiratory infections, coccidiosis or giradia because these are treatable and we have
done everything we can on our part. Seller guarantees this puppy to be free of all Communicable Disease for a
period of 7 days after buyer takes physical possession of the puppy. There are certain disorders that may be
caused by environmental factors, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, ear mite, mange and other autoimmune disorders
that are not covered by this guarantee This guarantee does not include, coccidiosis, or giardia, which can happen
in puppies that are stressed from moving to new homes. NO guarantees against hypoglycemia, broken bones,
patellas (can be caused my injury) or Small open fontanel (common in toy breeds and will close), undescended
testicles, under bite, hernias, (obvious hernias will be repaired here) or any condition that is treatable and not life
Your puppy is guaranteed against genetically caused premature death for a period of 1 year from the date of
ownership transfer. In the event of such, a puppy of equal value will be provided. In order to protect us, all of the
appropriate lab work, x-rays and necropsy if necessary for diagnosis, would have to be sent to us. Seller must be
notified of the problem within 24 hours of the licensed veterinarian's determination, and send the vet report to
Seller. Seller will provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value. No replacement puppy will be given if the
puppy has been euthanized without prior permission of the Seller. Any physical problem which is or could be the
result of injury, over feeding, underfeeding and does not have up to date records of vaccinations, dewormings and
Heart Guard, are not covered under this guarantee. A returned puppy must be returned to the breeder in good
condition, other than the specified problem, at the buyer's expense. Buyer is responsible for transportation costs
to and from the breeder. A written report is to be provided to Seller within 10 days. This is all at purchaser’s

Please understand that size at adulthood cannot be a guarantee. The best we can do is look at the parent’s size
and use growth charts to try and estimate the size you puppy will reach. Please be advised that until your puppy
has had its full set of inoculations, it is susceptible to certain illnesses, and therefore should be kept out of areas
where other dogs (and other animals) have been. This would include parks, pet stores, and even neighbors' yards.
While at the vet, keep your puppy on your lap or in a kennel, away from other animals. When your veterinarian
tells you the shots are complete and your puppy is immune, you can then begin to "show off” your new family
We highly recommend puppy classes or obedience training for your puppy. They are very cute while they are
puppies but they very soon become teenagers and any bad behavior learned while still a cute puppy will not be
cute any longer. This is the main reason that the rescue groups have so many dogs, please don’t let this happen to
your puppy. Take this responsibility seriously and do all that you can to have a dog you can enjoy for his/her entire
life. He/she will pay you back more than you can give him/her if you will take the time while he/she is young to
teach him manners.

Please understand you cannot return or exchange a puppy for a petty reason, he/she is not a Walmart item. Here
are some examples, there are many more situations that may arise that are not specifically mentioned here: If a
member of the family does not want the puppy you can’t just return it. If your landlord said you can’t have the
puppy, you can’t return it. If you become short on money you can’t return the puppy. If the puppy is bigger or
smaller than you expected you can’t return it. If the puppy whines, is timid, less/more playful than expected ETC.
when he/she first goes to their new home you can’t return the puppy, these are behaviors that can be expected as
they transition. Puppies are living beings with feelings and emotions, change can be scary for all of us depending
on the situation and our personalities. Your puppy depends on you for comfort and appropriate introduction to
their new world; this is your responsibility to your new baby! We do care deeply about the well being of your
puppy once in your possession, that is why we want you to understand that some puppies are carefree and “easy”
from day one of getting them, others may need a few days to adjust to you and your home and that’s ok and
If you are just not happy being a puppy parent then please try and find a family that is ready to love and provide
for the puppy, they deserve that. Please understand that as a breeder we keep our home and facility biosecure.
Our dogs do not go out in public, use a doggie park, go to pet stores etc. We have a responsibility to our puppies
who are too young to be fully vaccinated to keep them healthy and not bring in outside exposure to diseases. If we
do bring in a new puppy of our own they too must be quarantined and tested for 30 days before they are
introduced to our other dogs..this is how we are able to offer healthy dogs to great families!

I agree to the above stipulations regarding the adoption of my puppy from Back Road Soul Puppies

Date______ New Owner Signature_________
Date______Melissa Cobler________________

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