Welcome to Back Road Soul Puppies! We are excited that you stopped by! We are proud to raise Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Toy Australian Shepherds, Toy Aussiedoodles, Old English Sheepdogs, Sheepadoodles, and English Golden doodles.

We have been raising puppies for 13 years and take pride in our babies and have been blessed with meeting so many wonderful families over the years.

We are situated in southern Iowa where all of our dogs get to enjoy the country life. Our dogs and puppies are indeed a part of our family and we are grateful that our 5 children get to grow up surrounded by the love and adventure puppies provide .. we  can guarantee you that the puppies have excellent play dates;)





Puppies will be examined by a  veterinarian before they leave. They will be given a health certificate that become a part of their puppy pack that goes with them.

During an exam one thing the vet will check for is an umbilical hernia. It is not at all uncommon for any breed of puppy to have one because their abdominal wall is very thin at this young age. They are not anything to be concerned about, it means there is tiny bit of fat that slips past the abdominal muscle. I do have the vet fix them and they do have a couple stitches for a few days. It does not cause any sort of future issues.

I use what is called the "Super Dog Method" It was developed for our military to make war dogs super aware of their surroundings in the battlefield. It is a program that starts at 3 days of age and last until they are 19 days old. Specific stimulations are used to make the puppy's brain recognize all aspects of its body. This technique leads to healthier, smarter, more well-adjusted dogs. I would love for you to read the following article on this program, I truly believe in it! 


There are many different opinions on when to vaccinate and what to vaccinate with.  

We have consulted with some of the top veterinarians in the country who have developed vaccinations themselves and who are also dog  breeders. They have guided us in developing a rigorous vaccination and worming program that ensures the health and best possible immunity of our puppies .


It is a fact that socializing a puppy is most crucial between the ages of 3 -12 weeks. This is when they learn to recognize love and affection, appropriate play, body language and so on. We take this responsibility very seriously and give everyone of our puppies the attention they need to become healthy, interactive members of their new future families.  Each puppy is played with everyday, they run with our young children in the yard, they ride in their big wheel cars with them, they play with puppies from other litters, they crawl over our other adult dogs. They  hear the television a good part of the day they follow us around during chore time, they lay in our laps and cuddle, they get their bellies rubbed, they meet strangers, they hear/experience thunderstorms, they are introduced to new toys, different textures to walk on laying on the floor, they are given regular baths and towel dried. These are all very simple BUT CRUCIAL experiences for a puppy to have during this time of development. They will be happy adults that welcome whatever life has in-store for them!



We do ship puppies via air. Honestly I feel it is better for the puppy than a 3rd party ground transporter. Shipping is $350-$400 with the larger puppies being more due to weight and kennel size, we have shipped lots of puppies over the years and they have always arrived happy and ready to play!



We are licensed breeders with the USDA, certified with the state of Iowa and inspected annually by a DVM. We are a very small kennel and strive for excellence in the areas of health and socialization.


Hey everyone! This is Melissa and I would love to take  a minute to tell you about our family and the love we have for producing our amazing puppies..

I was born loving all animals and I was even planning on being a vet at one point in my life. Needless to say life happened and I instead graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science and a Masters in Biology. After working as a biologist and in the education field for several years I decided I wanted to shift my focus more to my family and our passion for our puppies. I now get to be home with my little ones and enjoy the "dog life" with them:) I get to be the mommy, biologist, "vet" and animal lover I have always dreamed of every second of every day! I consider myself to be very blessed.



My husband and I spend lots of nights staying up with expectant mothers, hours and hours are spent on paperwork, a good chunk of our day consists of cleaning, sanitizing, and vaccinating  to ensure the best possible start for our puppies. We are very grateful that our 5 children share our love for animals. They spend their time playing, cuddling and creating the greatest adventures with the puppies:)





Email: backroadsoulpuppies@gmail.com
Tel:  641-895-6097


Visits are by appointment only for serious families.


Feel free to text, call or email

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